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International freight transportation is an important segment of the global economy. Every day, millions of different cargoes are shipped to recipients. Today's global transport infrastructure allows you to transport any cargo in a short time

Container Shipping
The Key Range Alpha company is engaged in the international sea container transportation of cargoes. Various transportation options are used with the necessary security measures.

Container transport is the best solution when it is necessary to deliver the goods, observing the strict and import customs clearance rules, and optimizing the cost.

There are two types of cargo transportation in containers:
- FCL - Full Container Load
- LCL - Less Container Load

Container transportation is suitable for volume and heavy cargo, in cases where there is no need for urgent delivery and is the most economy way of transportation. They are suitable for both large corporations and small companies for the transportation of goods. However, this method of transportation has certain features, so it is recommended to consult with specialists from Key Range Alpha
Ro-Ro Services

Ro-Ro vessels have the necessary devices for the safe transportation of all types of wheeled vehicles. Because of the ramp, it is possible to drive vehicles by their own onto a special platform without involving cranes and other loading devices. At the same time, it is worth noting not only the safety of the method, but also the speed of loading and unloading operations. Due to operational work, it is possible to reduce the time of transportation and loading and unloading operations. Key Range Alpha provides services for freight forwarding and transportation of vehicles on ro-ro ships.
Multimodal cargo transportation
In supply chains are used different types of transport. This helps to optimize the cost of transporting goods. Key Range Alpha organizes transportation by various types of transport
  • Transportation goods by sea

    Sea container transportation is the most common type of transportation. The largest amount of cargo is transported in containers by sea that. Such popularity is primarily due to cost and availability. Container shipping is indispensable for regular transportations of large volumes of cargo. Due to the developed water infrastructure and the schedule of container lines, have a possibility to plan regular international deliveries.

  • Transportation goods by air
    Air transportation is an expensive, but the fastest way for goods transportation. Air freight is suitable for trendy goods, electronics, small expensive goods and perishable goods.
  • Transportation goods by rail
    Transportation of goods by rail is much cheaper than air transportation, but more expensive than transportation by sea. The speed of transportation by rail is twice as fast as by sea. The advantage of rail transportation is that it is almost not subject to weather conditions
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